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Why work with us?

In San Martín, we belive that satisfied employees are satisfied customers. That´s why we will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable with us!

  • Passion for the Artisanal:

    All our products are handmade and fresh..

  • A warm and family-oriented atmosphere:

    Mutual respect and direct relationships are what set us apart from the crowd.

  • You can be yourself:

    We value every employee for who they are

  • Development Opportunities:

    We provide all employees with promotion opportunities.

“At San Martín, we combine our talents, skills, and knowledge with a positive mindset, working together to achieve a common goal”

Andrés Castillo, CEO at San Martin Bakery

Company values

Are you looking for a stable job with values ​​and respect?

San Martín is one of the largest employers in Guatemala, currently employing over 4,800 individuals.

Our workforce includes students, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and young mothers balancing work with education.

The company is open to diverse candidates, and each employee enjoys a guaranteed employment contract with equal opportunities for advancement. San Martín is an attractive employer, offering a flexible work schedule to accommodate a work-life balance. Candidates do not need prior experience in the food industry, as the company provides essential training.


We are glad that you are interested

How to start working with us?

Thank you for wanting to become a part of the soul of our bakery! At San Martín Bakery, we deeply appreciate a love for artisanal craftsmanship and quality. We are actively seeking individuals with exceptional skills to become valuable members of our team. Feel free to apply for any of our available positions.

Become part of our family

"You can be the secret ingredient of our best recipe"


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